Pirate Fort- “Make a Pirate”. If you succeed with this ability, put a “pirate” card into play. Treat this as an extra card- that you bring into play (not in your locker to begin with). It must be a Pirate, not a Pirateer.

If the Fort Fortifies successfully, it can shoot 2 cannons at any target(s). For example, one shot at the hold, and one shot at a crew in play. If it chooses to shoot at a ship/fort, that must be the only target. So you could shoot the ship/fort twice. You may not shoot into a melee combat, including any crew “boarded” on the Fort.

Sloop- “2 Cannons” 2 shots at any target(s). For example, first shot at the hold, Second shot at the hold, or at a crew in play.

When a crew is “boarded” a Sloop via boarding axe, on the Sloop players turn- the Sloop will basically act as though it is NOT in a melee. The Melee Defence is only a counter-attack. Any crew that is boarded on a Sloop cannot be attacked by anyone, except when the Sloop does its Melee Defence on it.

Artishaan-As long as Artishaan is in play, he will give all of your “pirates” that are in play (or in your hold) an evade attempt. This includes Pirateer, as he counts as a pirate. A common mistake is to consider all of your “crew” pirates. This is wrong, the only cards that gain Artishaan’s ability are “Pirate” and “Pirateer”. (Counts as a Pirate)

If “boarding” a ship and about to attack it with “2 Boarding Axes”: He takes one swing (1 flip) and the ship may try to evade. He takes the next swing, and the ship may try to evade. Then after the attack(s) the ship gets its turn to “Melee Defence”, and counter attack. It gets only one flip as usual, despite Artishaan having 2 weapons.

Instructor-Any time you flip a “Jack” with the instructor in play, it works (Hit). Even cards in your hold gain the instructors benefit. For example, if you reveal a navigator, the navigator will also succeed on a “Jack” flip. Don’t forget that the instructor always hits on a Jack too, so his pistol is better than it looks along with all his other weapons.

Ranger- After playing a card for the turn, you can also play one Ranger. It’s like playing a bonus card. You can play a Ranger as your card for the turn, and then also play (one more) Ranger.

Flagbearers- When you immediately play the Flagbearers, you have until the rest of the turn to decide how you would like to use their ability. For example, you play a Flagbearers for your turn. You ALSO play a Ranger. You can attack with the Ranger, then even attack with the Flagbearers- then decide who will get an extra attack… In this case the Ranger or the Flagbearers would be able to attack again.

Cannoneer-If the Cannoneer is successful in his “Fortify”, not only does he prevent losing the hit point, but he may now counter attack. If in melee, this does not interfere with his regular counter attack, it is treated as a bonus attack. In melee, he must retaliate with Cutlass, if he was shot and then fortified- he must retaliate with his cannon. See the rules of “Retaliate”.

Brethren- When you play one Brethren, you may play another Brethren. You can potentially play as many Brethren as you have in your hold in one turn. They chain together, like you would think. If you wanted to be fancy, after playing all of your Brethren from your hold- you could still ALSO play one Ranger!

If “Charged” the stinkpot can stand and shoot up to 2 targets… including an enemy crew that is not even attacking you, as long as they are not in a melee combat.

Rogue- Could potentially destroy a Pirate Fort in someone’s hold! The fort would not come into play with -2 HP like it would after being shot by cannons. As long as the target does not have Evade, a Rogue will all out kill it in their hold.

Pirateer- Would get an additional shot if you also have a Privateer in play… Or it would also gain Evade, if you have Artishaan in play.

Navigator- You can only reveal one Navigator from your hold at a time. Then if you flip a red card, whatever card would be hit in your hold, is safe. If you flip a black card and fail with the Navigator, put the Navigator back in your hold, shuffle up your hold and the enemy will pick one at random to destroy.

Scalawag- If the Scalawag Evades, he may throw up to 3 Grenades, essentially getting a bonus attack. The grenades must target up to 3 different crew however (not the same guy 3 times). If the Scalawag Evades from your hold, he can still throw grenades. Then put him back into your hold. If the Scalawag is “Charged” he can still throw up to 3 grenades, at up to 3 different allowed targets.

Set 2 cards:

Ship- Liberty- If the Ship hits with its cannon, unlike the Pirate Ship where it can shoot its cannon again, Liberty allows you to shoot with any one of your cards an extra time this turn. You can choose itself, or another.

Please submit your questions!


6 responses to “-Rules

  • Steve Takacs

    FAQ…Privateer “All of your Privateer crew in play get two shots instead of one if they shoot.” Privateer’s already get two Musketoon shots? Is this only meant to give Pirateers two Pistol shots also or is it intended to mean something else?

  • Lee

    I have two questions. Can Lands ONLY be gang attacked in melee or can they be melee attacked singly like ships/forts can? Also if a card was charged or shot at and the attacked card has a projectile weapon with multiple targets, when the attacked card takes its stand and shoot or projectile retaliate and hits targets besides the one that attacked it, can those targets then retaliate against the attacked card even though it was retaliating in the first place. I could definitely see that getting complicated with a card like scalawag if it retaliated by throwing 3 grenades and then those targets get a chance to shoot at scalawag and each shot scalawag has a chance to evade and then throw 3 more grenades.

    • Nick Pace

      -Lands can also be attacked as normal (by 1 card).
      -Retaliate only happens in Melee… unless a card specifically says otherwise like the Cannoneer (Fortify, if successful- retaliate). So with that in mind, the rest of the question is yes, there could be that epic shooting/retaliate/evade battle. But since not everyone retaliates as you had thought, it does not happen very often!

  • Lee

    Sorry, one more question, does Dueling Grounds give a projectile weapon to one of your crew that does NOT have a projectile weapon, or does it simply allow a crew with a projectile to shoot again? Also if the target does not have a projectile, does Dueling Grounds give it a projectile as well?

    • Nick Pace

      Thanks and please… do ask your questions!
      -Yes the Dueling Grounds basically allows a crew to shoot again. And no it does not give anyone anything, so cards without any projectiles (like a swashbuckler) get super abused. If you shot at a swashbuckler for example, the Swashbuckler cannot shoot back! 10 Paces, turn, shoot! Gun Fights!!!

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